The Saturday Seven – 2.25.12


Good Saturday to you!  It’s time for a little link love!

I share these links with you with the hope you’ll receive a creative spark, a new idea you’d like to explore further, or even a practice or perspective that will help you live a more balanced life.  Please do share with me any thoughts or experiences you have from the following:

  • The New York Times has declared Design*Sponge a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials.”  What do you think?  Home decor, travel, DIY, entertaining…  I think they just might be right!
  • “You’re just being too sensitive!”  Does that sound familiar?  If you’ve been on the receiving end of that comment, or even been the one to make it, I invite you to read Ten Ways to find Out if You Are Too Sensitive by Katarina Silva.  I’d love for you to share your thoughts on this in the comments for this post.  Let’s discuss.
  • Brené Brown writes A love note to the workaholic in which she discusses emotional armor and vulnerability.  Brené has a way of helping us connect to who we really are.  A must read.
  • For my fellow book, cat, and coffee lovers, find a visual feast of love at Books Cats Coffee.  ♥  Sigh…just like heaven.
  • Are you looking for a way to incorporate a contemplative practice into your daily life?  Christine Valters Paintner of Abbey of the Arts is offering a free Monk in the World e-course.  Because of its popularity, she is also offering free monthly Monk in the World podcasts.  You can download the mp3 files here.
  • Check out this book art by Brian Dettmer.  I am inspired and completely blown away by his ability to carve books using surgical tools and have them turn out like this!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Saturday Seven!  As always, I’d love to hear what you think of them!

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2 thoughts on “The Saturday Seven – 2.25.12

  1. Hi Pamela! I love the article “10 ways to find out if you are too sensitive”. It’s very powerful… The books carved by surgical instruments are also impressive. Well done for the idea of choosing 7 articles you like every week. That’s a fantastic idea! ;-) Have a great week, Sylvia.

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